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Invest in Protecting What's Important
In today's environment being able to defend oneself is of vital importance to men, women, and children.  Northwest Kenpo Karate is dedicated to teaching practical and realistic Self Defense to all ages.

Kenpo Karate's emphasis is on speed of action and accuracy over pure power.  Combined with its use of hard and soft movements, Kenpo is ideal for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  To learn more about Kenpo click here.  To see Kenpo in action click here.

Latest News
Self Defense for Your Life
NWKK class schedule available.
Added more pages with videos of self-defense techniques.
Congratulations to Eileen Douglas on her promotion to
Junior Black Belt.  NWKK's first Black Belt!
On May 9th, Eileen Douglas culminated her years of training by earning her Junior Black Belt.  This achievement was earned with a lot of sweat, dedication, and determination.  This is NWKK's first Jr. Black Belt, and we're very proud.

Wednesday Kata Concepts class to start June 19th.
Congratulations Kenneth! Great Test.
Congratulations to Kenneth on his Junior Black Belt!  Great job.