About Milt Guinette(Black Belt in American Kenpo, Tracys Kenpo, Kosho Ryu Kenpo)
Milt Guinette-Sensei started his martial arts journey in 1969, at age 8, with Cliff Close and Rich Brown in San Rafael, CA. He studied Kenpo Karate and became Shodan (1st Black) in 1979.

After relocating to Vancouver, WA., he continued his study of Kenpo with John Ellis and Al and Pat Tracy. He has operated Kenpo schools in Vancouver, WA. and Hillsboro, OR. Guinette-Sensei still considers Tracy's Kenpo to be his base art.

Guinette-Sensei has also studied Kosho-Ryu Kempo, extensively, with Bruce Juchnik-Hanshi and Kurt Van Sickle-Shihan. He received a teaching certificate in Kosho-Ryu, from Juchnik-Hanshi in early 1996.

In 2001, he joined an American Kenpo school operated by Dave Hebler. He taught there for two years until the school was purchased by Jason Brick-Sensei, and became Bushido Martial Arts. Guinette-Sensei served as Chief Instructor of Bushido Martial Arts until early 2009.

Guinette-Sensei is currently studying American Kenpo at N.W. Kenpo Karate in Hillsboro, OR.

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